The Addy Awards #1: Winning ads and winning insights

The Addy Awards #1: Winning ads and winning insights

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Will Park

Jan 8, 2024

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Welcome to The Addy Awards, where we recognize high-performing ads and help marketers understand what makes these ads so good.

Our AI model finds winning ads based on performance metrics (no “it looks nice” subjectivity here). Then, we pull insights from the ad creatives to learn about the strategies and tactics behind the ads that drive clicks. All this is bundled alongside AdTech industry updates to keep you in the know.

Addy Awards are served up fresh every Mon, Wed, and Fri.

So grab your cup of coffee ☕ and let’s dive into some examples of winning ads and insights into the ad creatives!

The Addy Awards

We don't play favorites or feelings. Addy Awards are based on performance only. This is our process:

  1. The intern wakes up, injects coffee, and reviews AI training results

  2. Our Ad Oracle analyzes each ad’s performance

  3. Then our Ad Guru pulls ad creative insights for the top three ads

  4. The intern gets more coffee, makes this post


An animated screenshot of Invision App's Meta ad showcasing how motion images and carousel ad formats make this a winning ad

Motion fo-sho-shun: Motion graphics just perform better. They’re harder to pull off, but animated image elements or copy (or both!) work well to capture attention and get more clicks. (+50% ⬆️ CTR)

Go big on color: Studies show that, when done right, eye-catching colors that are close together on the color wheel will help boost click-through rates. We’re fans of the color palette here. (+30% ⬆️ CTR)

Get on the carousel: You can’t see it above, but this is a carousel post. If you want better CTR and lower CPC, do not ignore carousels. (+60% ⭐ CPC)


A screenshot of a Meta ad from Hostinger that highlights how social proof makes this a winning ad

Prove it: Hostinger is a great web hosting provider, and they prove it with some serious social proof. Testimonials and case studies also work great to reduce acquisition costs (+50% 🟢 ROAS)

Copy, but clever: In case you missed the star rating in the ad imagery, this ad cleverly uses stars directly in their headline copy. This headline gets ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and helps make this a winning ad. (+30% 🟣 CTR)

Shopify Plus

A screenshot of a Meta ad from Shopify Plus that highlights how their minimal design and bold claim make this a winning ad

Keepin’ it simple: Minimalistic designs with pops of color aren’t just on-trend, they capture attention and focus on the copy. Colors, shapes, superimposed… keep it simple. (+30% 🟢 Engagement)

Bold is the new sexy: It’s not just the bold typography we’re talking about. The copy on the ad conveys a bold claim in a few words. Who wouldn’t want to earn an extra $1,000,000?! (+20% 🟣  CVR)

Brand, up front: With the logo clearly placed atop, there’s no question who can help me boost revenue. Not just Shopify, but Shopify Plus. Makes you want to learn more right? (+30% 🔵 CTR)

AdTech & AI updates

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