The best ads on Instagram and Facebook: The Addy Awards

The best ads on Instagram and Facebook: The Addy Awards

Giving love to winning Facebook and Instagram ads, powered by AI

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Will Park

Jan 31, 2024

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Welcome, AdTech fam!

You’re reading The Addy Awards, the world’s first AI-powered awards show for the best Facebook ads and Instagram ads that are running today. We showcase high-performing ads, backed by ad creative and audience insights.

Our hope is that the insights below will help fellow marketers make winning ads. At the very least, we hope you find the ads below entertaining.

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The Addy Awards

Presenting three winning ads for your consideration, insights included.

31 Jan 2024

Javy Coffee

The FOMO offer creates urgency: Combining a deep discount with a countdown timer introduces a sense of urgency that drives clicks. Well played, Javy Coffee.
(+25% 🟢 CTR)

Sweeten the deal with free gifts: If the 50% discount doesn’t convince you to purchase, a free gift could be enough to push you over the edge. Freebies make humans feel good. And emotions are key to better CVR.
(+30% 🟣 CVR)

When product packaging speaks like ad copy: Clean product shots that lean into the product packaging to communicate its key feature helps drive engagement. Apparently, 100K+ people agree. 👀 ☝️
(+35% 🔵 Engagement)


The daily subscription breakdown: For subscription-based products, consider spinning the price as an affordable daily expense. This type of objection handling is called “price framing” and boosts your CTR.
(+15% 🟢 CTR)

This one’s personal: Nobody likes to see themselves as a number on a spreadsheet. Personalized products should make that key value proposition clear in the copy, as Curology demonstrates here.
(+10% 🟣 CTR)

Show me the product, baby: Beautiful product shots deserve minimal graphics treatment, as you see here. This approach increases the perception of product value and quality. And, that drives better CVR.
(+20% 🔵 CVR)


The before and after: You know your product is better than your competitors. Show it off with a before-and-after graphic that compares current results with your product’s results. This helps attract more clicks that are likelier to go through to purchase.
(+30% 🟢 CVR)

Use numbers, stat!: Statistics help convey the effectiveness of your product. SamCart’s data-driven claims spark curiosity and encourage users to learn more.
(+15% 🟣  CTR)

Pain points earn you major, well, points: Speaking directly to your audience’s pain points and positioning your product as the solution evokes feelings of relief and optimism. This emotion is powerful and drives better conversions, leading to better ROAS.
(+40% 🔵 CVR)

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