The Addy Awards #2: Know your audience

The Addy Awards #2: Know your audience

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Will Park

Jan 10, 2024

An image showcasing the 3 screenshots of winning Meta Ads that are being recognized in The Addy Awards #2

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Welcome to The Addy Awards, the world's first AI-powered awards show for digital ads. We recognize high-performing ads and analyze the ad creatives to learn what makes them so good.

Before we dive in, here's a quick reminder of the process we use to find winning ads and pull creative insights.

  1. The intern wakes up, injects coffee, and reviews AI training results

  2. Our Ad Oracle analyzes each ad’s performance

  3. Then our Ad Guru pulls ad creative insights for the top three ads

  4. The intern gets more coffee, makes this post

Today, it's all about advertisers who clearly understand their audience and it shows in their ads. Let's get to it.

The Addy Awards

Here are the best performing ads for your consideration.

Happy Tuesdays

An image depicting a screenshot of the winning ad for today's Addy Awards from Happy Tuesday

Get to the point already: Minimizing copy can be a challenge, but Happy Tuesdays does this well to get right to the point: their product fights the after-rave hangover. (+25% 🟢 CVR)

Stop the scroll: Even the most glamorous product shots can’t stop the scroll. You know what does though? Crazy colors and atypical compositions. This ad wins for doing both! (+30% 🟣 CTR)

Hit the target: Your ad creative should be highly relevant to your target audience. The use of pill emojis is subtle, but makes this a targeted, winning ad that improves CTR and CPC. (+35% 🔵 CPC)

The Ridge

An image depicting a screenshot of a winning ad from The Ridge that showcases their Ridge wallet

Before-and-after: The Ridge showcases it’s eponymous wallet that taps into a common pain point with “dad wallets”, the bulging wallet. (+20% 🟢 CVR)

Poking fun: Dad bod, meet Dad wallet. Studies show that meme-inspired ads influence 84% of millennials and boosts click-through rates. (+30% 🟣 CTR)

Emoji-fied: The use of relevant (know your audience!) emojis improves engagement. The Ridge uses emojis to draw attention to their value props, making this a winning ad. (+15% 🔵 CTR)


An image depicting a screenshot of a winning ad from FFUPs that showcases their ad for a cheese puff snack that is going viral

Counter the culture: Unexpected ad elements capture attention, and boosts brand recall and CVR. Ffups’ “not healthy” claim goes against the health food trend to make this a winning ad (+20% 🟢 CVR)

So much FOMO: Embrace the FOMO. Studies have shown upwards of 60% conversion improvement through FOMO-based ads, so don’t miss out on the trend! (+60% 🟣  CVR)

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That's a wrap for this edition of The Addies. See you again soon!

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