The Addy Awards #3: Winning ads with winning offers

The Addy Awards #3: Winning ads with winning offers

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Will Park

Jan 12, 2024

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Happy Friday, and welcome to the world’s first AI-powered awards show for digital ads! We recognize high-performing ads and help marketers understand what makes these ads so good.

Today’s Addies go out to a fairly diverse set of advertisers. Let’s get to it.

The Addies Awards

💡 How we curate ads for The Addies

  1. The intern wakes up, injects coffee, and reviews AI training results

  2. Our Ad Oracle analyzes each ad’s performance

  3. Then our Ad Guru pulls ad creative insights for the top three ads

  4. The intern gets more coffee, makes this post


A graphic depicting a screenshot of the Madgicx ad with ai powered insights into what makes this a winning ad

No pain, all gain: When solution meets pain point, good things happen. Madgicx speaks directly to customers that are hurting from high monthly subscriptions to get more conversions. (+15% 🟢 CVR)

Offer of a lifetime: Promotional offers drive clicks and conversions. This Instagram ad offers lifetime access to the product for small one-time payment, making this a winning ad. (+20% 🟣 CTR)

Going, going, gone: Instill fear (of missing out) in your audience to drive conversiosn. This ad activates that powerful emotion by announcing the limited availability of this offer. (+35% 🔵 CVR)


A graphic depicting a screenshot of the Broya ad with ai powered insights into what makes this a winning ad

Remember consistency: Broya uses consistent product imagery across multiple ads to boost conversions rates. The high quality product shots, they use also help to earn them an Addy! (+10% 🟢 CVR)

Break it down**:** Get straight to the point by listing out the product benefits directly on the visual creative. Just remember to keep it looking clean and clutter-free. Then watch the clicks come in. (+25% 🟣 CTR)

Moody colors: Colors evoke emotions. Emotions drive clicks. The minimal, vibrant orange background catches the eye and promotes optimism and happiness; perfect for a F&B brands. (+15% 🔵 CVR)


A graphic depicting a screenshot of the Hint water ad with ai powered insights into what makes this a winning ad

Freebies for clickies: Studies show that everyone loves free shipping. By removing the additional shipping cost objection from customers’ minds, Hint gets better conversion on this ad.

(+20% 🟢 CVR)

Be exclusive, be, be exclusive: Exclusive products or pricing offered only online or in-app boost high-margin conversions. That said, we would make that copy more prominent in this ad.

(+35% 🟣  ROAS)

New customer, who dis(count)?: Similar to exclusive pricing, new customer specials help push shoppers through to the cart. Combined with free shipping, this deal is a win.

(+45% 🔵 CVR)

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That's a wrap for this edition of The Addies. See you again soon!

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