Addy Awards #4: The best performing Meta Ads for Jan 15

Addy Awards #4: The best performing Meta Ads for Jan 15

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Will Park

Jan 15, 2024

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Can you believe it’s already mid-January?

Welcome to the world’s first AI-powered awards show for digital ads! We recognize high-performing ads and help marketers understand what makes these ads so good.

Today’s Addies feature a few different way to use effective copy to drive clicks from your Meta Ads. We hope these insights help you optimize your ad creatives to generate more clicks and conversions.


The Addy Awards

Presenting three winning ads for your consideration, insights included.

💡 How we curate ads for The Addies

  1. The intern wakes up, injects coffee, and reviews AI training results

  2. Our Ad Oracle analyzes each ad’s performance

  3. Then our Ad Guru pulls ad creative insights for the top three ads

  4. The intern gets more coffee, makes this newsletter

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Spellbook AI

An image depicting a screenshot of Spellbook AI's Meta Ad, showing AI-powered insights into the ad creative to explain it's high performance

A clear and present value prop: This ad hits you over the head with it’s value proposition in this text-heavy ad creative. To lawyers interested in AI tech, this ad says a lot in just a few words. (+20% 🟢 CVR)

Lean into meme: At this point, OpenAI’s GPT-4 model is commonly known. It’s essentially a meme. Spellbook AI concisely conveys their use cases with a single word, making this a winning ad. (+25% 🟣 CVR)

You talkin’ to me?: Who is this ad targeting? Make sure your audience know you’re talking to them to increase click-through rates. (+35% 🔵 CTR)

Oracle Netsuite

An image depicting a screenshot of Oracle Netsuite's Meta Ad with AI-powered insights to explain its high performance

Never forget nostalgia: The audience for this ad is clear. For anyone that misses the good ole days of playing with action figures, the nostalgic feels from this ad drives clicks and recall. (+15% 🟢 CTR)

A different kind of list: Oracle Netsuite does a great job listing out the various use cases for their product, just not in traditional list form. This ad gets an Addy Award for its ingenious creativity. (+25% 🟣 CTR)

Does this hurt?: Directly calling attention to the common pain point of managing multiple complex BizTech systems helps convert clicks into purchases. Don’t shy away from the pain. (+35% 🔵 CVR)


An image depicting a screenshot of UENI's Meta Ad with AI-powered insights to explain its high performance

Call out competitors: Larger brands may shy away from calling out competitors, but scrappier brands can make good use of a features comparion chart. UENI does this in their winning ad. (+30% 🟢 CVR)

Timely discounts: A tasty discount is a great way celebrate a new year, and get more customers through the door. This improves acquisition costs, but be mindful of reduced profit margins. (+15% 🟣  CAC)

A list by another name: The competitor callout pulls double duty as a list of product benefits. Human support ✅. No upsells ✅. One-time discount pricing ✅. Massive conversions ✅. (+25% 🔵 CVR)

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